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< The Beginning, Ideal Travel >

Travelling is a type of a communication through experience free from our daily routine. Travellers envision data of the location of their visit in their minds based on experience information they collected through travelling. All the data they accumulated from the point they want to take to the point their return impact the formation of data describing the travelling site.
We revisited the ‘data’ depicting the destination.

<Pavel> focuses on

who came to visit / what they talked out / what they felt and sense rather than measuring good vs bad, pros and cons about the place.

<Pavel> is a means to express the place in a more
honest manner.

We portray a big picture of the destination by comparing it
to our daily routine, but it is the communication that help us engrave the impression of the place.

< Communication at the destination >

The communication herein refers to all behaviors that use
all senses n

ot only communication between peopl but also
communication with Mother Nature, and spaces, and etc.

< Digress from daily routine >

Travellers view the destination by comparison to their routine.
They feel familiarity at places where it is similar to their routine and feel strange where it is different.

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